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Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes ‘True Story’ Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes 'True Story' Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Kevin Hart is stepping out of his comedy routine to work with Wesley Snipes for the new thriller True Story on Netflix. The show, which has only one season, had its first trailer. You can see it online and watch it now.

This book is about the writer’s life. It starts out being about his job. But then it gets worse and tells you not to do some things. Kevin Hart’s new movie is about being a father. He is telling the true story about himself.

What is True Story About?

Netflix has a website where you can find out about the movie. It is called “True Story.” During a tour stop in his homeland of Philadelphia, one of the world’s most famous comedians was requested how far he would go to protect what he has.

Within the trailer, we see that Kid has a similar life to Kevin Hart. He is a good comedian, and he lives in Philadelphia. Hopefully, the story in the trailer is different from the movie. The story in the trailer might be dark. The movie starts with Kid and Carlton, who is his brother. They have a wild night that ends in disaster.

The pair try to cover up the crime they committed. The child is trying to live with a lie. He gets really mad when he has to do things that are not true.

The kid gets in trouble. It is hard to find the truth. The final shot of the trailer is Kid in an orange prison jumpsuit with handcuffs on at an interrogation room. In the Netflix series “True Story,” Kevin Hart plays the part of a kid, and Wesley Snipes stars as his older brother.

Who Stars in True Story on Netflix?

In the movie, Hart and Snipes play Kid and his older brother Carlton. They are the two main characters in True Story.

Both of these people have a lot of experience working with streaming services. Snipes starred in Eddie Murphy’s critically acclaimed movie “Dolemite is My Name,” and Hart appeared in multiple Netflix comedies, as well as the new drama “Fatherhood.”

Other cast members are Tawny Newsome (Space Force) as Billy, Paul Adelstein (Prison Break) as Todd, and Chris Diamantopoulos (Silicon Valley) as Savvas. Billy Zane is in this movie. He plays Ari. And Lauren London is in the movie too, and she plays Monyca.

Theo Rossi also plays Gene, who Deadline described as an excitable super-fan of Kid’s.

This series was written by Eric Newman. He also wrote Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. Stephen Williams is leading the first four episodes of The People v. O.J. Simpson, and Hanelle Culpepper takes over for the final four episodes. Theo Rossi stars as Gene in the new Netflix series “True Story.” Kevin Hart plays the lead Kid.

What TV show is True Story on?

The new show True Story will come out on Netflix on November 24, 2021.

The show will have eight episodes, and all of them will be released at the same time. People will watch all the episodes in a row!

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