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Rating for Loki Season 2 is confirmed by Disney+

Rating for Loki Season 2 is confirmed by Disney+

Every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has received the same standard rating—TV-14, or roughly PG-13—as have the Marvel Studios Disney+ series. Along with outliers like Ms. Marvel obtaining a TV-PG classification, this trend continues with Loki’s upcoming season’s rating recently disclosed, among other things.
As with the most of the MCU, Loki’s first season garnered a TV-14 rating, which is not surprising. The animated series Marvel Zombies, however, was announced to be Marvel Studios’ first TV-MA-rated show as recently as San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

Fans should therefore continue to monitor these ratings even though the new ones shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Next Seasons of Loki and What IfRatings …’s Announced?

Just one week before Disney+ Day on Thursday, September 8, the ratings for Loki and What If…upcoming ?’s seasons were discovered by Twitter user @ilovehailee_:
Loki Season 2: What If… on TV-14? 2nd season: TV-14

Here is a compilation of prior Disney+ show ratings for comparison’s sake:
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: TV-14 WandaVision
First season of Loki: TV-14 What If? 1st season: TV-14
Observer: TV-14
TV-14 Moon Knight
The Marvelous Mrs.
TV-PG for I Am Groot
TV-14’s She-Hulk
On Disney+ Day, fans may anticipate additional announcements, some of which might include more outliers like Ms. Marvel and Marvel Zombies.
Unsurprising Disney+ ratings
Again, given that this is the second season of an ongoing show, these ratings shouldn’t be shocking. But at least fans won’t have to worry about them being less or more mature.
It will be interesting to watch whether and when Marvel Studios creates other shows outside of its TV-14 comfort zone. With Ms. Marvel, it has already created its first TV-PG project, and Marvel Zombies, its first TV-MA project, is on the way.
It will be interesting to observe how Marvel Studios on Disney+ expands their viewership. But until Thursday, September 8’s Disney+ Day, fans will have to wait to find out more.

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