BBNaija Season 7 Diana breaks down in tears as she clashes with Chichi (Video)

BBNaija Season 7: Diana breaks down in tears as she clashes with Chichi (Video)

Just 24 hours after Biggie mixed the Level 1 and Level 2 roommates, drama has already started to arise. KFN claims that after the live eviction on Sunday, Biggie combined the housemates, evicting Kess and Pharmsavi.

It was assumed that Diana would cry after the fight between the roommates on the first night. At the shared residence, Diana and Chichi got into an argument over a locker. Diana, the locker owner, gave Deji, Chichi’s supposed boyfriend, permission to use her locker.

Diana had granted Deji’s plea for permission to take Chichi with him. Chichi, who didn’t know what they were doing, confronted her when she saw Diana’s lashes among her boyfriend’s belongings. Chichi surmised that Diana wanted to take her lover away from her. Chichi made a big deal out of it and vented to anyone who would listen because she was irritable. Chichi was determined about removing the 33-year-old housemate with fair skin, despite the efforts of Phyna and Amaka to calm her down.

Chomzy, a close friend of Chichi’s, expressed his strong displeasure to Sheggz and Bella over Chichi’s conduct. Deji joined them and explained the situation while chastising Chichi for her response.

Initially keeping quiet to avoid things getting out of hand and resulting in a strike, Diana eventually made the decision to approach Chichi after growing weary of her remarks. The situation got worse as Chichi kept abusing Diana.

She went too far when she went to the locker to unpack Diana’s belongings. Diana sobbed hysterically, feeling betrayed by her deeds. Eloswag, the head of house, led her to the garden where he helped her feel better and calm down. It had only been 24 hours since the second group of housemates arrived when tensions started to rise. According to Kemi Filani news, this happened.

Bella and Chichi almost got into a heated confrontation over a wager duty. Things between the women started to go south after Chichi made a suggestion for how to make their wager work. Bella wasn’t there when Biggie gave the housemates instructions, therefore she didn’t agree with Chichi’s recommendation for the group.

As a means of informing Chichi of Biggie’s directive, the women spoke. The instruction from Biggie was that each team member needed to offer a unique area of expertise to the task.

She tried to call attention to it, but Chichi, who seemed to be the “bossy” kind, took offence at her remark and slammed her. Chichi demanded that the group be reorganised, stating that she had seen how those who were good at dancing were placed together.

Bella didn’t agree with Chichi’s suggestion for changes because she didn’t appreciate how authoritarian she was. According to Kemi Filani’s claims, Ilebaye and Chichi fought during their third Saturday night party because the latter was jealous of the manner Ilebaye was dancing with Groovy.

Chichi states that when Groovy requested for a dance, she readily agreed. While they were dancing, Ilebaye approached and threw her aside. This infuriated Chichi, who then confronted Groovy and reprimanded Ilebaye. Chichi told Groovy that he should be brave and act right now. She said, “You’re a man, you sometimes need to be a man, handle the matter right now.”


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