Chicago PD Spoilers What Happened in Season 9 Episode 13 (1)

Chicago PD Spoilers: What Happened in Season 9 Episode 13?

The Chicago Police Department has arrived. The procedural drama made a triumphant return after a nearly month hiatus, and it did not disappoint. In the new episode, there’s a lot of emotional turbulence, mostly involving Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) and her mixed feelings about not being able to aid people who are most in need.

While the rest of the IU is involved in the investigation, “Still Water” is primarily an Upton episode. It gives her the most juicy dramatic material she’s had this season, which is saying a lot considering her last subplot had a concealed corpse and an FBI inquiry.

The rest of this post contains extensive spoilers for the most recent episode of Chicago PD!

The episode begins with Upton, as one might expect. She’s about to leave the office for the evening when she’s stopped by Platt (Amy Morton), who reminds her that it’s her tenth anniversary as a cop. Trudy uses the chance to remind Upton why she became a cop in the first place, as Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) is taken aback.

As it turned out, Upton and her family were caught in the middle of a violent criminal confrontation, and it was Platt who answered the phone and saved everyone’s lives. Platt’s bravery inspired Upton, who vowed to devote her life to safeguarding the innocent.

She then goes for a night jog and comes across a car that has been driven into the water. She dives in and tries to save the passengers, but she can only pull one out of the debris.

Upton is shocked to learn that the man she helped was actually a stalker, and the woman she wasn’t able to save was his kidnapped victim, and she is wracked with remorse about not being able to save both the man and the woman. The rest of the team can sense it’s affecting her confidence, and Upton begins to doubt if what she’s doing is actually making a difference.

Fortunately, Platt steps in at the eleventh hour to give Upton a pep talk. She told Upton that she had no idea what the passengers’ predicament was, and that she did the right thing by attempting to save as many lives as possible.

Upton is able to reconcile her mistakes with her just desires in the end. She is able to locate and apprehend the stalker. She follows him to an indoor pool, and after a scuffle, she knocks him into the water. The episode comes to a close with Platt and the rest of the IU toasting Upton’s tenth anniversary with drinks and a photo of Upton on her first day on the job.

It was a gloomy episode, and one that was frequently emotionally painful, but in the end, the characters’ integrity triumphed. Season 9’s high point.

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