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Accidents are always a possibility. What if, however, there was a way to prevent unfortunate events from taking place? What course of action should you take if you get an injury as a direct result of the negligence or mistake of another individual? It could have been a collision with another car or a slip and fall at work that wasn’t your fault and should be looked into by a personal injury lawyer. In any event, you should look into getting legal assistance for the matter at hand. Victims of horrible and life-altering accidents like these may be left in a lot of agony and with a mountain of medical expenditures to pay for.

It makes no difference if the accident was a car crash or a wet floor that sent you flying through the air; a good personal injury lawyer will fight for the justice you rightfully deserve, which in most cases means monetary compensation. This is true regardless of the type of accident that caused the injury. It makes no difference what kind of accident resulted in the damage because this is always the case. After all, accidents can result in a decrease in your income or possibly keep you from being able to work at all for a period of time that could span several months or even years.

There is no reason that hiring a personal injury lawyer should be added to the list of things that are causing you concern when you are already under a great deal of stress as a result of everything that has taken place. As a result of this, we are going to aid you in broadening your knowledge of the numerous subcategories that fall under the umbrella of personal injury cases.

We have established the factors that you should consider when evaluating a lawyer for the personal injury case that you are specifically involved in, and you should use these criteria while making your decision. In addition to this, the results of our ranking of the best personal injury attorneys in Houston, Texas, according to their particular specialty, have been made public.

MANY VARIOUS TYPES OF CASES Involving Personal Injuries

Personal injury cases can range from those that are relatively trivial, such as those that involve a vehicle accident or a slip and fall, to those that are much more serious, such as those that involve explosions in refineries or houses or even traumatic brain damage. The several categories of damage cases each provide their own unique challenges that set them apart from one another in a meaningful way.

As a direct result of this, there is a large variety of different types of personal injury attorneys, each of whom specialises in a certain type of damage case. Others limit themselves to a specific practise area, such as auto accidents, while others focus their efforts on a range of various parts of personal injury law. Still others limit themselves to only one aspect of the law.

Think of it this way: if you have an injury to your knee, a general practitioner might be able to provide you with medical aid in some cases. On the other hand, an orthopaedic specialist who concentrates their practise on the treatment of knee injuries would be in possession of a great deal more specific knowledge regarding your unique issue. In a similar vein, if you need legal assistance for an injury, you should evaluate your specific needs and the circumstances surrounding your case to determine which Houston personal injury lawyer is the most qualified to represent you in your injury case. If you are in this situation, you should seek legal representation as soon as possible.

The following are some of the most common factors that lead to accidents resulting in injuries to one’s body:


Any type of motor vehicle, from passenger cars to motorcycles to 18-wheeler trucks, could be involved in an accident with another motor vehicle. Accidents involving motor vehicles are among the most common types of mishaps that might take place in the United States. This is due to the fact that there are tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of cars on the road at any given time. Accidents involving motor vehicles are frequently brought about by drivers who are preoccupied with their mobile devices, such as when they are texting or talking on the phone. Driving under the influence of alcohol is yet another common factor that contributes to these accidents.

Because using mobile phones while driving is now so common, an astute personal injury attorney will always demand that the opposing side show telephone and mobile internet use data as part of the case. This is because using mobile phones while driving is now so common. This is because it has become increasingly usual to use a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. It is fairly uncommon for a case to be won or lost based on the data produced by phone providers in litigation that indicates the mobile activity of both parties to an accident that was involved in the incident that caused the accident. This type of decision-making is based on the mobile behaviour of both parties to an accident that was involved in the incident that caused the accident. In addition, automobiles have become more technologically advanced, and as a consequence, they are now in a position to provide information in the event that a legal process is brought about. This data may contain information about a driver’s speed, acceleration, stopping distance, and steering tendencies in the moments just before a collision.

A fatal collision took place in the beginning of 2019 as a result of a collision between a truck driver and the driver of another car that was stopped in a construction zone. The truck driver was found to be at fault for the collision. The action resulted in the subpoenaing of telephone data, which led to the discovery that the truck driver had been viewing pornographic content on his mobile phone immediately prior to causing the accident that he was responsible for.

Unfortunately, the reasons for automobile accidents such as this one are not outliers, and cases filed around the nation have demonstrated that a large number of drivers are distracted by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, and e-mail while they are travelling on roads and highways. In this particular case, the court found that the driver had been texting while driving.

The greatest automotive crash lawyers of today have to be more than just impartial arbiters in the courts in order to succeed in their practise. The most successful lawyers of today need to be conversant with the technological capabilities of our mobile phones and cars, and they also need to be able to gather all of the information that will assist them in winning the cases of their clients.

INCIDENTS OF ASSAULT AND BATTERY IN CASE STATS Instances of assault and battery are not recognised as accidents but rather as cases of purposeful injuries since they are caused purposely. This is because of the fact that the injuries were committed intentionally. In certain instances, the injuries that were incurred were the direct result of an intentional attack carried out by a third party. This assault could have taken the form of being beaten, shot, or any combination of these two methods.

The act of intentionally putting another person in dread of being touched in a hostile or offensive manner is one common definition of the term “assault.”

For instance, someone who jumps out of a closet in order to terrify another person could be considered to have committed an act of assault even though there was no physical contact between the two individuals. This is because the intent of the conduct is to cause the victim to feel fear.

Another example of someone who has committed violence is someone who robs a convenience store while armed with a pistol but does not fire a shot during the course of the robbery. Even though the robber never actually touched any of the customers in the store in a harmful way, it is quite likely that he gave each and every one of them the sense that they were in danger of being touched in a way that may be harmful.

On the other hand, the act of intentionally making a hurtful or insulting touch with another person is what is meant when we talk about battery. Physical contact is one method for accomplishing this goal. Because there was actual physical contact between the two parties, one can be found guilty of the civil tort of battery if they were the one to start a fight in a bar and then hit another patron.

DAYCARE ACCIDENTS AND CHILD ABUSE ARE TWO EXAMPLES OF TERRIBLE EVENTS THAT OCCUR FAR TOO REGULARLY IN TODAY’S WORLD. Unfortunately, it is not always the case that a person who cares for your child will be reliable and safe. This individual should be trustworthy and secure. When a family’s child suffers an accident or is mistreated while in the care of a daycare provider, the family has the right to seek justice and to be paid for their loss.

Daycares frequently recruit individuals who do not possess the appropriate levels of education or expertise to fulfil the criteria of providing care for a significant number of children. Some of the staff members working in daycare centres lack the level of maturity required to engage in activities on a consistent basis with young children, such as changing diapers, singing songs, and constructing blocks. On extremely rare occasions, childcare workers have been witnessed lashing out at, and even physically abusing, the children that it is their responsibility to care for.

There are times when daycare managers accept an excessive number of children or fail to properly staff the facility, which results in their employees being unable to satisfy the requirements of each and every individual child. This can be avoided by not accepting more children than the facility can adequately care for. Children are placed in environments that could be harmful to them because there is no adult supervision present in any of these situations. This raises the likelihood that the children will be involved in an incident that could have been avoided.

The majority of the time, jurors seek to impose harsher punishments on daycare centres that put more of a focus on the monetary value of the child than they do on the child himself.

DOG OR ANIMAL Assaults: dog attacks

An injury sustained as a result of a dog bite is considered to fall within the category of premises liability. In the event that a dog bites a person or the person’s pet for no apparent cause, the owner of the dog shall be held financially accountable for the victim’s suffering and injuries. This responsibility includes medical bills and lost wages.

The majority of the time, a dog owner will not be held liable for the actions of their pet unless the dog in question is of a specific breed or the owner is aware that the dog participates in harmful behaviours. On the other hand, a person who keeps a “wild animal” as a pet is exempt from the aforementioned regulations and restrictions. In accordance with the legal definition of the phrase “wild animal,” non-domesticated creatures such as a ferret, a snake, a raccoon, or a squirrel are all considered examples of “wild animals.” If another person is assaulted by a “wild animal,” the owner of the animal is liable for any damages caused by the assault simply owing to the nature of the animal that attacked the other person. This is the case even if the animal did not attack the person intentionally.

Marine ACCIDENTS: maritime accidents

Accidents at sea or on the water, especially those that involve some kind of vessel, are referred to as maritime accidents. Maritime accidents can entail any type of incident. Some legal professionals decide to focus their practises on maritime law and are knowledgeable in this subfield of the law, which is unique from the regulations that we are expected to follow on land.

The “Jones Act” is a piece of legislation that, in the majority of legal marine cases, is utilised in order to provide monetary compensation to a sailor who was employed aboard the vessel at the time of the occurrence. The legislation was named after a sailor who was employed aboard the vessel at the time of the incident. It is up to the plaintiff to prove that the defendant was negligent, which may be the case if the ship owner does not provide a working environment that is sufficiently safe for the sailor. However, the plaintiff bears the burden of establishing that the defendant was careless. In order for this action to be successful, the harm or damage that was sustained by the plaintiff must have been brought about by the carelessness of the ship’s owner.

It is common practise for injuries incurred at sea to be of a more severe kind than those sustained on land. This is due to the fact that maritime injuries frequently occur kilometres away from land, as well as the fact that medical assistance can sometimes be limited aboard seaborne boats. Another factor that contributes to this phenomenon is the fact that maritime accidents frequently involve multiple people.

Because of the large amount of shipping that goes through the Houston Ship Channel and the Port of Galveston, Houston, Texas is home to some of the very best maritime accident attorneys in the United States. This is largely due to the fact that these two ports are located in close proximity to one another.

MISTAKES IN MEDICAL PRACTICE THAT LEAD TO ACCIDENTS Accidents that are the consequence of medical negligence could have been caused by any type of healthcare practitioner, such as dentists, physicians, or nurses. When a healthcare provider causes or contributes to an accident, deterioration of an existing health condition, or death that was not the fault of the patient, this is considered to be medical malpractice. Their responsibility is to treat you and help you in whatever manner they can; they should never cause you harm in any form.

Those individuals who wish to file a claim for medical negligence must unfortunately comply with the requirements imposed by a number of jurisdictions. Before a lawsuit can even be filed, the legal system in some jurisdictions requires that an expensive expert evaluate the evidence and issue an opinion on it. This step must be completed before a lawsuit can ever be filed. “Damage ceilings” are a way to assure that healthcare personnel and hospitals will be free from financial accountability for their actions, even when those actions include gross negligence, and they apply to those who desire to pursue a medical malpractice suit in another state.

MALTREATMENT OF THE ELDERLY OR ACCIDENTS IN NURSING HOMES: the mistreatment of elderly people in nursing homes or accidents in nursing homes

When you place the care of your elderly loved ones in the hands of another individual, you are exercising the same level of confidence that you do when you put your children in the care of a daycare provider.

The same issues persist, the most notable of which are those concerning nursing institutions that are either too crowded or do not have enough staff. The lives of patients are entrusted to the people who work in the health care industry; yet, when an accident that could have been prevented or an act of abuse occurs, everyone involved should be reimbursed.

The vast majority of the time, lawsuits involving nursing homes are placed in the same category as those involving medical malpractice, and the same limits may be applicable in both types of cases. On the other hand, employees at nursing homes may on occasion participate in terrible actions that are not protected by the constraints that have been imposed on medical malpractice. These acts may include the following: The facts of your loved one’s situation, in addition to the nursing facility that was guilty for the neglect or abuse, will have an impact on your case against the nursing home.

PRODUCT LIABILITY People use up a quantity of products and services every single day that is equivalent to billions of dollars’ worth of goods and services. We cleanse our bodies with shampoos and soaps that are intended to make us appear more appealing. However, if the components are of poor quality, they may irritate the skin and lead to breakouts if we already have acne. We drive vehicles that include millions of components, all of which are designed to keep you safe and give you a sense of serenity. However, if even one of these components is created wrong, it may result in significantly greater damage than would have otherwise been the case. In addition to this, we utilise products that might have defects or have marketing that is deceptive, such as the electronic cigarette devices that are sold by JUUL.

Although it is the goal of every consumer product and an expectation that it would be relatively safe, the reality is that a large number of these products frequently fail to meet the legal threshold. This is despite the fact that it is the intention of every consumer product and an expectation that it would be relatively safe. In the event that something similar takes place, the firm that conceived of, manufactured, or advertised the gadget could be held liable for the incident, which could lead to a significant product liability case being filed.

Product liability cases have two primary benefits: 1) they provide compensation for injuries that were caused by a defective product, and 2) they assist in the removal of a harmful product from the market, thereby saving others from the harms and injuries that were caused by defective manufacturing, design, or advertising. Both of these benefits are important. The first benefit of these is significantly more significant than the second, despite the fact that both are valuable.

SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS: slip and fall accidents

Incidents that involve slipping and falling, which are commonly referred to as being on a premises that is liable for injuries, are the responsibility of reckless property owners and landlords. One of their tasks is making sure that their property is safe for everyone who might set foot on it. The presence of moist flooring in locations that do not have any warning signs to alert potential victims of the risk often leads to the occurrence of these disasters.

ACCIDENTS ON THE JOB: mishaps that occur while employees are on the clock

It is the obligation of every employer, just as it is the responsibility of property owners, to guarantee that a work area or work site is free of dangers for all of the workers who are employed there. Because an employer’s negligence could lead to a person getting hurt on the job, there is a requirement for workman’s compensation in the event that the worker sustains an injury that forces them to miss time at work as a result of their condition.

Warning: In order to bring legal action against an employer who provides their employees with workman’s compensation insurance, the proper legal procedure must be followed, as stipulated by this area of the law. Failing to do so may result in the dismissal of the case.

People who are not employees of the company or contractors and who are injured on the job are not required to follow the procedures that are needed by the workman’s compensation system, and they are free to continue with a regular lawsuit. This is because the workman’s compensation system is designed to compensate workers who are employees of the company or contractors.



Phone: 713-234-5860 ANDREW COBOS is widely regarded as one of the top personal injury attorneys in the Houston area.

Attorney Andrew Cobos, who works for The Cobos Law Firm, is a seasoned personal injury lawyer who devotes his entire practise to representing clients in matters pertaining to this area of the law. He has been working as a trial attorney in this area of the law for a significant amount of time and has a remarkable track record of success.

His legal practise is focused on cases involving collisions involving motor vehicles of any kind, including those involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and other types of motorised vehicles.

Cases involving explosions at chemical plants, accidents on oil rigs, and other industrial incidents that are specific to the Gulf of Mexico and require specialised handling and experience in order to get favourable trial results are another area of expertise for his company, which specialises in representing clients in these types of cases.

He will respond to customers no matter the time of day or night, and he will make himself available to you at any point in time that you may require his aid.
Only in the event that your personal injury claim is successful and you are awarded compensation for your suffering, would he be entitled to payment for his services.

He has been awarded a number of accolades in appreciation of their exceptional services, and he consistently receives the highest ratings possible in terms of the pleasure of his customers.

2) The honourable Charles J. Argento

The number to reach us at is (713) 766-4680.

He has extensive experience representing clients in a wide variety of cases, such as those involving motor vehicle collisions, defective products, drunk driving accidents, medical device litigation, medical malpractice, personal injury, premises liability, truck accidents, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death.
Both over the phone and on his website, he offers free consultations to potential customers.
As a result of the quality of his work, he has been presented with a number of accolades, and his clients routinely give him high ratings.


Calling (281) 587-1111 is the correct course of action.

Accidents involving all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, buses, cars, children in day care, construction sites, drunk drivers, drowning, maritime injuries, motorcycles, maritime injuries, spinal cord injuries, workplace injuries, wrongful deaths, and a great number of other types of accidents are their area of expertise. In addition to that, they deal with a vast variety of other types of situations.

They offer free consultations over the phone as well as on their website. [Citation needed]
They won’t be paid for their efforts until the personal injury lawsuit that you initiated against the other party ends up being successful and you end up being awarded compensation.
Previous clients have provided them with really positive feedback, which they have taken to heart.


Information to contact us at: 1-888-984-1391

The types of cases that they concentrate on the most are automobile accidents, insurance disputes, marine injuries, motorcycle accidents, product liability, personal injury, and truck accidents. Truck accidents are also one of their primary areas of attention.

They offer free consultations over the phone as well as on their website.

They won’t be paid for their efforts until the personal injury lawsuit that you initiated against the other party ends up being successful and you end up being awarded compensation.

They have never been defeated in the courts when it comes to defending themselves against accusations of personal injury.

Being the victim of an accident or injury that is someone else’s fault, whether purposefully or inadvertently, can be a very stressful situation. Being the victim of an accident or injury that is someone else’s fault can be especially distressing. We are aware that it may be difficult for you to cope with the headache of selecting the best personal injury lawyer after you have already been injured in an accident, regardless of whether the harm you sustained was physical or emotional.

You can have a conversation online with a lawyer from, who will be able to assist you and offer you with legal guidance if you need further assistance choosing a personal injury lawyer who specialises in your sort of case. If this is the case, you can talk online with a lawyer. Your attorney will be able to aid you in finding a personal injury lawyer who has experience with cases similar to yours and who specialises in the field.

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