Everything You Need To Know About Ricky's Future Without A Comeback In Virgin River Season 5!

Everything You Need To Know About Ricky’s Future Without A Comeback In Virgin River Season 5!

Sarah Dugdale, who is well-known and loved for portraying Ricky’s former love interest Lizzie in Virgin River, spoke up about the future of the programme and hinted that new characters would be added to explore Lizzie’s past.

The Virgin River is where Lizzie moved from the city to live with her aunt Connie (Nicola Cavendish), but nothing is known about her immediate family back in the city. “I would want to know more about her parents and learn more about why she is the way she is,” the actress said.

She had a cause for bringing all of this baggage and having a chip on her shoulder, so maybe when one of them visits the area, she will be able to discuss her connection with them further.

Ricky enlisted but won’t be returning to Virgin River.

She said to the Express, “I think it would be wonderful to explain the audiences why she is like way, peel back the curtain a bit.” Meanwhile, Ricky’s departure from Virgin River to enlist in the military seems to have put an end to Ricky and Lizzie’s relationship.

Grayson, 21, responded when asked whether there was any chance the character might return to the show, saying: “I don’t believe it says he won’t return at all since I won’t be back for season five. He plays a relatively important role in the novels, so I believe that these things will happen, depending on how they develop.

Little is known about Lizzie’s family’s past.

Fans reacted fast to Ricky’s departure on social media. One viewer made the following prediction concerning Ricky’s appearance: “Ricky will return from basic training an exceptionally ripped marine, and Lizzie will be all over it.”

“Swear to god, if anything happens to Ricky on #VirginRiver I am coming for those authors,” one individual said in reference to his safety while away from the community.


Does Ricky appear in season five of Virgin River?

Folks, what you heard is true. Season 5 is still in the planning stages! (Fans quickly pointed out that the table read included Grayson Gurney’s character Ricky, who joined the Marines at the conclusion of the fourth season.)

Who is the father of Mel’s kid, Virgin River?

Who is the Virgin River father of Mel’s child? The truth about Jack being Mel’s father is something Season 4 viewers will have to wait until the end of the season to uncover.

Virgin River will there be more seasons?

Will there be a fifth season of Virgin River? I’ll just say, yeah. In addition to receiving approval at the same time as season 4, work has already started on the programme. Martin Henderson posted a photo from the set on Instagram with a statement that suggests he is ready to go back to Jack’s world.

What is Ricky’s performance in Virgin River?

Yes, as he prepares to report to camp, Ricky decides to keep on with his enlistment and spends a major portion of the season coming to grips with it.

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