‘Glass Onion’ Ending, Explained Who Did It in the ‘Knives Out’ Sequel

‘Glass Onion’ Ending, Explained: Who Did It in the ‘Knives Out’ Sequel?

The sequel to Knives Out, Glass Onion, has finally debuted on Netflix, and it is taking fans on another wild rollercoaster. The plot of the movie follows Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) to a Greek Island where a murder mystery game goes horribly wrong. There, the primary character tries to uncover the source of a deadly feud amongst a wealthy group of friends. How does Glass Onion’s conclusion unfold, and who is identified as the murderer?

The midway point of “Knives Outsequel “‘s features a significant twist.

It’s important to discuss the midpoint plot twist in Glass Onion before moving on to the conclusion. After all, the development of the plot depends on it being revealed that Benoit Blanc isn’t on Miles Bron’s (Edward Norton) exclusive island by accident. In actuality, Helen, Andi Brand’s (Janelle Monáe) identical sister, hired him to find out who killed her sister.

This comes as a surprise considering that Helen spends the first half of Glass Onion impersonating Andi, a trick that the audience isn’t made aware of until much later. After Andi threatens to reveal the truth about Miles and his ownership of Alpha, her body is found with sleeping pills in it. By travelling to Miles’ private island to find out which of the “Disruptors” killed Andi to prevent her from speaking, Helen and Blanc manage to conceal the news of Andi’s passing from reaching the media.

Miles’ fabrications about starting the business would be exposed if Andi made the original napkin with her designs for Alpha on it public. Additionally, it would reveal the other pals who had lied under oath in court. So who in Glass Onion is revealed to be the murderer?

Who is identified as the murderer in “Glass Onion”?

Detective Benoit Blanc quickly recognises that the killer is the most likely candidate despite the complex mystery that Glass Onion spins. Miles murders Duke (Dave Bautista) to hide his tracks after killing Andi for threatening to expose him and take their company back. Blanc initially dismisses Miles, arguing that he wouldn’t commit such a crime in the wake of a widely publicised lawsuit, but he later comes to see that Miles isn’t intelligent enough to adequately organise and cover up a murder.

Even when Miles murders Duke, it was a spur-of-the-moment choice that capitalised on his pal’s pineapple allergy. In front of everyone, he hands Duke a contaminated beverage while simultaneously removing his phone and revolver from his pocket. When he poisons Andi, Miles conceals his actions about as well as he does. (He arrives at her house in his obnoxious vehicle and passes Duke on the way out.)

Additionally, Miles keeps the envelope that contained Andi’s napkin, which could be used against him in court. But Miles doesn’t lose out in the end since he didn’t get rid of the proof.

No, Miles receives his payback in a different way in the Glass Onion ending.

The ‘Glass Onion’ finale is described.

While visiting Miles’ island, Blanc and Helen might solve Andi’s murder, but they return home empty-handed. Helen makes the error of showing Miles and the others after finding her sister’s napkin. With merely a “detective narrative,” Miles pulls out a lighter and burns it, leaving Blanc and Helen. Without a doubt, it is insufficient to change the original ruling regarding Alpha’s ownership. As also, Miles won’t be jailed for murder.

Blanc and Helen decide to retaliate against Miles in a different way after realising they cannot obtain justice through the court system. Blanc gives Helen a drink and a bit of Klear, Miles’ hydrogen fuel. He exhorts her to keep in mind the reason Andi left her business partner—namely, that Klear might “blow up the world”—in her words.

Helen then finds herself left alone by Blanc, and she starts misbehaving right away. She eventually starts a fire after destroying Miles’ “Glass Onion” inside and out. She tosses the scrap of Klear into it, which causes a huge explosion. It burns down the Mona Lisa that Miles had borrowed from the Louvre in addition to destroying his opulent setting.

Even though Miles won’t serve time in prison, the revelation that he damaged such a well-known work of art with fuel about which he had been forewarned will damage his reputation. Without establishing his prior misdeeds, Helen obliterates his life. Additionally, she fulfils his desire to be remembered “in the same breath as the Mona Lisa.” The irony, my..

Netflix is now streaming Glass Onion.

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