Harley Quinn season 3, episode 5 live stream Watch online

Harley Quinn season 3, episode 5 live stream: Watch online

When and where can you watch the third season’s fifth episode of Harley Quinn on HBO Max? What else should you be aware of before the show? Here’s how to research that information and watch it online.

Beyond being in an orgy sponsored by the Court of Owls, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were in their most embarrassing scenario yet. But it didn’t really help. Harley discovers that Ivy lied about Catwoman watching them. Ivy also acknowledges that she had a brief relationship with Catwoman.

The pair successfully resolves their issues and emerges from the situation stronger. But going to the Court of Owls event wasn’t for that reason. Finding Frank the Plant was their goal. Although they still don’t know where he is, viewers are aware that he is being detained and may even be subjected to experiments.

“It’s a Swamp Thing” is the title of the upcoming fifth episode of Harley Quinn season 3. It seems obvious that the episode will focus heavily on the green protector. Swamp Thing is aware of global trends affecting plant life. He is aware of Frank’s location. Not only that. Swamp Thing is dating someone. It appears from the promos that Nora Fries and Swamp Thing are dating. Given Harley Quinn, they are presumably good pals. Nora will set up a meeting for Harlivy and her man because she most likely connected the two of them since she is a member of the Cobb Squad (season 2 has more information on that).

There ought to be a Clayface update as well. He is accountable for Billy Bob Thornton’s passing (season 1, episode 3). At this point, Clayface adopted the actor’s persona. He can now play the lead role in the Thomas Wayne film. Knowing Clayface, something strange will transpire, ruining his big break. Unless this is the one occasion when he gathers his faculties and excels.

How to stream season three of Harley Quinn
The fifth episode of the third season of the HBO Max-exclusive series Harley Quinn can only be seen on the actual premium membership service (HBO Max). The complete instructions for watching episode 5 are provided below. This contains the time, streaming details, and more.

Time: 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, August 11
3 seasons, 5 episodes With “It’s a Swamp Thing”
Streaming: HBO Max

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