How Are Scout Rifles Being Improved in Season 18 of Destiny 2

How Are Scout Rifles Being Improved in Season 18 of Destiny 2?

The highly anticipated upgrades to Destiny 2’s upcoming Season 18 include the Arc 3.0 rework, which will increase the electric power in the game, especially for crowd-control and area-of-effect skills. However, it appears like the underwhelming Scout Rifle weapon type is getting a much-needed boost on August 24, 2022, when Destiny 2 Season 18 launches, even though Bungie is staying quiet about other Season 18 features.

Scout Rifle Buff in Season 18 of Destiny 2

In August 11, 2022, Bungie announced that it is improving four “under-utilized” weapon categories on its developer blog, This Week at Bungie.

Sniper Rifles (for PvE).
Launchers for heavy grenades (for PvE).
Auto Rifles with a High Impact.
Moreover, Lightweight Bows.

Scout Rifles, according to the development team, still “need a little love” in PvE situations. Due to this, in addition to the base damage increase provided by the Solstice 2022 balancing patch, the Scout Rifle is receiving a 10% damage buff versus Minors (enemy with red bars). The balance adjustments made in the Solstice patch are as follows:

rifles for scouts

Accuracies (180 RPM):

Body damage increased from 34 to 38, and crit damage increased from 54.4 to 60.8.
Can kill in 1.33 seconds with body shots against targets with 190 HP or less, 1.67 seconds against targets with higher resilience.
(150 RPM) High Impact:

Body damage increased from 38.2 to 42, and crit movements increased from 66.9 to 73.5.

Can kill in 1.60 seconds with body shots against opponents with 189 HP or less.
That’s not all, though. Additionally, according to Bungie, Scout Rifles may receive updates either during the mid-season patch for Destiny 2 Season 18 or at some point in Season 19. In PvP settings, the “ease of usage” of the High Impact Scout Rifle may be one of numerous “minor, targeted balance modifications.”

That much sums it up. Don’t forget to read all the juicy details on the August 11, 2022, This Week at Bungie blog for more information.

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