Is There a Second Season of Moon Knight? A New Rumor Indicates Probability

The Disney+ series Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac as the lead hero with dual personas Marc Spector and Steven Grant, enjoyed a remarkable six-episode run. The third identity of Spector, Jake Lockley, was only revealed toward the end of the series, hinting that Moon Knight’s tale is far from complete.
Many people have questioned whether Moon Knight will have a Season 2 as a result of this revelation. Grant Curtis, head of Marvel Studios creative and executive producer of Moon Knight, said that he supports the notion of a second season and added that the character may fit into “any corner” of the future Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to a recent survey, Disney+ may have also hinted to the release of Moon Knight Season 2, although nothing has been confirmed. A new series update has just been made public.

A New Rumor Indicates the Status of Moon Knight Season 2

According to a claim that was posted in the Trusted Sources section of the Marvel Studios Spoiler subreddit, Moon Knight Season 2 is “happening.”
Although it is uncertain if the Marvel series has already been renewed for Disney+, earlier evidence may provide some insight.
A recent video posted by the TikTok user @hayaattiaaa may have alluded to Moon Knight’s upcoming sophomore campaign. The aforementioned video showed director Mohamed Diab and lead actor Oscar Isaac in Cairo, Egypt, teaser-teasing fans about the MCU show’s sequel:

hayaattiaaa: “Everyone wants to know if there will be a Season 2,”
“Of Moon Knight?” asks Diab.
Isaac: “If not, why are we in Cairo?”

However, Diab made it clear that there aren’t any present negotiations about a potential Moon Knight Season 2: “There isn’t talk about the character’s future now, but this is soo valid.”

When Might Season 2 of Moon Knight Arrive?

Since Moon Knight’s first six-episode run on Disney+, the show’s second season has been a popular issue among fans. There is strong indication that the Oscar Isaac-starring series will return, despite the fact that this most recent rumour adds to the long line of teases concerning its sophomore season.

The fact that Marc Spector and Khonshu’s narrative is far from ended, especially in light of Jake Lockley’s entrance, is the first clear indication. Jake’s morals will be explored, and Moon Knight lead writer Jeremy Slater has already expressed delight about that prospect. The potential of Jake wearing a third Moon Knight suit has also been hinted at.

Disney+ also has a history of dropping indications about upcoming seasons. While Marvel Studios’ own Twitter page advertised the episode by mentioning in the post that it was the “season finale” instead of the “series finale,” the official Disney+ Hotstar India Twitter account may have mistakenly spoiled Moon Knight Season 2 while promoting the show.

The MCU currently has a strong lineup for the upcoming years, but Moon Knight may be seen as a Phase 5 or Phase 6 latecomer or even an early addition. The character’s popularity and unfinished story make a compelling case that the Marvel hero will make a comeback as soon as possible.
Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+.

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