Jerry Springer Season 4 Three Things to Look For When Jerry Springer Returns to TV in Judge Jerry

Jerry Springer Season 4 : Three Things to Look For When Jerry Springer Returns to TV in “Judge Jerry”

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Jerry Springer, the host of a self-titled tabloid talk programme from 1991 to 2018, is by no means order.

The former mayor of Cincinnati, who has a law degree from Northwestern University, will preside over small-claims cases on Judge Jerry, so there will be order in the court.

Here, executive producer Kerry Shannon explains what to anticipate from the daytime equivalent of P.T. Barnum.

The craziness is more in check

Shannon observes that the setting of Jerry, a courtroom, makes for significantly less chair-throwing than Springer’s prior show did. “[But] the reasons the litigants are telling about why they came to court are still absurd!”

Not everything is baby-mama drama

The instances come from “all across the country,” according to Shannon, and range from disputes between ex-partners over real estate to peculiar financial situations. She notes that small-claims disputes are often related to contract violations, personal injuries, or property damage.

Springer is an advocate for logic

The participants in each episode all have one thing in common: Shannon explains, “People just want to be heard.” The litigants can “tell their case before Jerry renders his fair but strong judgement” on this programme.

Najee Hinds, a fierce bailiff, is on ready in case somebody disobeys the court too much. He was a former prison officer at Rikers Island, says Shannon.

Judge Jerry, the first episode of the series, airs on Monday, September 9.

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