Kingdom Chapter 697 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Manga Online

Kingdom Chapter 697 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Manga Online

A conspiracy theory is that people who died in Kingdom 697 were killed by the Kingdom. When Kanyou learns of Kochou and Kanki’s success. What puzzled the Kanyou soldiers was that their initial report said that there was no enemy. Kanyou’s men celebrate and give praise to Kanki in the current chapter. Since Kanki joined the 6 Qins, his curiosity has been aroused. However, they don’t know that they have won. Shoubunkun congratulates Sei on his arrival in Kantan and King Zhao.✔

Sei has a personal reason for Kanki and believes that the girl fought bravely. Soldiers told the people in Kantan about Kochou’s death. Osen’s troops learn that Kanki won the battle at Qin’s headquarters. But they know that fighting is not over on Kanki’s side, too. The news of Kanki’s victory was spread by the different groups. Meanwhile, Marron tried to talk to Kanki, but she didn’t reply. The messenger comes back to the HSU headquarters. They are greeted with sadness.❓

Kingdom Chapter 697 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Manga Online

Until they reach Heiyou Castle, the messenger will try to stop Zhao from going back to where he came from. Karyoten tells the people that they can only watch from a distance. The envoy wanted the army to move. The enemy tricked them before, so he didn’t want that to happen again. He turns and walks away. It is the Big Six who ordered this. Shin understands and decides to go with them on their journey. Many things were talked about after the messenger left. The fate of Zhao was revealed in Kingdom Chapter 697. Know more about Kingdom Chapter 697, including its release date and where to read the manga online.🤷‍♀️

Kingdom Chapter 696 Summary

Earlier in Kingdom Chapter 696, Kyoukai was thinking about staying with them, and Karyoten is sure that she will be a good person to join their group. Shin asked about the woman’s injuries. The woman said she is unharmed, but that she had a strong feeling that something bad was going to happen. The HSU left this place. The Kanki army moved some Zhao troops to an unknown location. Kanki’s soldiers had heard stories about him getting released. One of Zhao’s men asked the Kanki’s soldiers about his location.

The men that work with Zhao had trouble believing that after they captured and released the insurgents without any difficulty. The person believed that the best thing for them would be to surrender to Ousen’s forces. Therefore, when Kanki’s army saw Zhao’s soldiers, they thought they were from Ousen’s army. It is hard to believe that Kanki let them go after he heard about the rumors. As Zhao’s troops move on to the next family, they leave. Zhao’s men know why they have to separate them because they cannot unite them.🤷‍♀️

The soldiers in the Zhao Clan are happy to want to go home, but they hope they don’t have to wait for a little while. The warriors ask them to give up their weapons and kneel in front of them. The water will soon be here. You must keep your eyes on the ground, not in the sky. However, it is surprising to see their heads get cut off when they obey orders. Some of Kanki’s soldiers promised to finish quickly when asked. The soldiers are still being transferred. They are doing it the same way, but when they arrive at a spot, they begin to cut off their heads.

Kingdom Chapter 697 Release Date

Chapter 697 of the Kingdom manga will be released on October 24, 2021. The raw scans of Chapter 697 have not been released yet. These scans usually show up 4-3 days before the weekly release.

Kingdom Chapter 697 Manga Read Online

The English translation of Kingdom Chapter 697 can be found on the To Love Ru manga site. Wait for the official release to help the authors.

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