Love Is Blind Season 3 Reveals Big Change And Release Date in First look trailer

Love Is Blind Season 3 Reveals Big Change And Release Date in First look trailer

A brief teaser for Love is Blind season 3 has been released by Netflix, little over a month before its premiere.

The video include quotes from this year’s contestants as well as the renowned pods, this time in a different setting as filming was transferred to Dallas.

However, in line with the show’s main gag, we never get a good look at any of the contestants; instead, we only see them in back or with their hands covering their faces. We see a few glimpses of the anxiety leading up to the wedding, the drinking, and the tears, but it appears that the streamer wants us to enter season 3 largely in the dark.

The release of Love Is Blind: After the Altar tomorrow will make it much easier to wait until Season 3 debuts on October 19. (September 16).

The breakout stars of season 2 will be interviewed by After the Altar to find out what they are up to these days. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones have divorced and started the divorce procedure roughly a year after they initially met in the pods, so it should be rather substantial. Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl also split up in the interim, and Ruhl has requested a divorce.

Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati’s developing romance may also be shown to us. Both Shaina Hurley and Shake Chatterjee’s matches on the show left the two feeling unsatisfied. Shake in particular received a lot of flak for talking behind Deepti’s back about how she looked, and as a result, he was kicked out of the group chat.

In the meantime, Netflix has revealed that Tudum, its fan event with lots of news and updates for its most popular shows and movies, will be back in a little more than a week.

Some of Netflix’s top stars appear in a teaser trailer that provides a sneak peek at the shows and movies about which we may expect some intriguing details.

On October 19, Netflix will release the third season of Love Is Blind.

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