My Hero Academia Season 6 premiere Includes Sneaky Chainsaw Man cameo

My Hero Academia Season 6 premiere Includes Sneaky Chainsaw Man cameo

The sixth season of My Hero Academia features a cunning Chainsaw Man appearance.

Fans of My Hero Academia season 6 were treated to a fleeting appearance by Chainsaw Man.

In the first episode of the new season, the pro heroes were divided into two squads and launched an attack on Shigaraki’s army, with one squad going after Dr. Garaki and the other squad going after the Paranormal Liberation Army.

In truth, there was a Chainsaw Man-inspired character hiding among the heroic ranks (as seen below).

The highly anticipated Chainsaw Man anime series will launch on October 11 on channels like TV Tokyo in Japan and will stream on Crunchyroll.

The author of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi, is believed to be a fan of Chainsaw Man, thus fans of the original manga will recognise that this scene was taken straight from the page.

However, a strange chainsaw-wielding figure with a red tie and a blue shirt now stands where Denji once did.

The Paranormal Liberation War, a significant event in the manga series, is anticipated to be the centrepiece of My Hero Academia’s sixth season.

As the programme enters this crucial narrative, Digital Spy just published its assessment of the season six opener and some views on how the episode manages the enormous ensemble of characters in the anime (October 4).

SPY X FAMILY, which made its streaming debut over the weekend, is another show that will be returning this month for part two of its run. See our analysis of the most recent mission undertaken by the Forger family right here.

We also have you covered for nonstop news, features, and theories on anime.

On Crunchyroll, new episodes of My Hero Academia are broadcast every Saturday.

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