Overlord How Much Has Ainz Changed Since Season 1

Overlord: How Much Has Ainz Changed Since Season 1?

It’s accurate to say that the isekai subgenre has been oversaturated in the anime market for many years. Isekai anime first gained popularity abroad in the mid- to late-1990s with great shows like Digimon Adventure and Fushigi Yugi, and it has since grown to be quite recognisable in the anime world.

Viewers have seen some rather strange isekai entrants in the contemporary anime era, such as Overlord. Overlord is granted a seat at the isekai table due to the protagonist’s complete transformation into his new environment. On occasion, viewers are left wondering just how nasty this guy is turning out to be.

Who Is The Undead Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown?

When you ask this question will determine the response. Viewers follow Ainz Ooal Gown from the start of the series as he works to expand his previous guild’s clan base and track down any guildmates who may have been transported to this new magical world along with him. Momonga, a salaryman and one of several guild heads of the guild Ainz Ooal Gown in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Yggdrasil, is the protagonist at the start of the story.

He is the last player remaining playing the game when all of the game’s servers shut down after all of his clan mates have gone. To his amazement, he opens his eyes to discover himself in a new world with the clan home of his previous guild and all of the NPCs from that guild who have now, in a sense, come to life. They all regard him as their supreme leader because he is the last surviving guild member. Momonga doesn’t take long to adopt the name Ainz Ooal Gown for himself and start working on extending his power over this new globe.

Your Standard Isekai Hero

Ainz Ooal Gown is still very much a salaryman in the first season of Overlord, getting accustomed to the new environment and his new role as a monarch. He occasionally feels awkward in the presence of his supporters, and he relies on them to make decisions for him. Despite not being the most moral, Ainz nonetheless acts to protect others and only kills those who have committed a crime, with the exception of his legal fight with Gazeff Stronoff. Like an undead Isekai Batman, he is the hero the new world deserves, not the one it currently needs.

What is the purpose of war?

Several new groups are introduced in season 2, including the Blue Roses adventuring party and the lizardmen clans. Things start to become a little hazy at this point. Ainz Ooal Gown behaves selfishly at times and sees some races as nothing more than toys to be played with as he pleases. His objectives become less honourable, and viewers can see him beginning to lose sympathy for factions that aren’t already allied with Nazarick.

Ainz resolves to wage a war with the lizardmen for no other purpose than to amass an army of the undead, even though the concept was originally Albedo’s and not his. He dispatches a zombie announcer to warn all the lizardmen that they would be attacked and wiped out in eight days for no apparent reason.

Ainz orders his commander, Cocytus, to execute every single one of them without hesitation when the Tomb of Nazarick loses the first fight of the conflict. Only after Cocytus asks Ainz to show mercy for them does he consent to their resurrection and grant Cocytus command of them as their own army.

Season 3 marks the beginning of the end for Ainz’s remaining humanity to shrivel away, if Season 2 wasn’t. The tendency of Ainz exploiting living beings and entire nations as playthings to get his way is continued from the previous season, but it quickly goes from 0 to 100. This season, Ainz’s word of the day is “slaughter.”

The majority of the time, Ainz Ooal Gown’s tomb of Nazarick has been cruising along happily without being assaulted or examined by any unprovoked nations or people. Ainz decides to meet in secret with Fluder Paradyne, the imperial court magician of the Baharuth Empire, in order to play some manipulation games because it simply wasn’t pleasant for him. He persuades Fluder to persuade Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix, the emperor of the Baharuth empire, to hire adventurers to investigate the grave of Nazarick.

Every explorer who approaches the tomb is killed by Ainz and his allies. The Baharuth Empire was coerced into helping them when they threatened to go to war with the Re-Estize Kingdom by Ainz, who played the victim as the monarch of Nazarick. Ainz wishes to enlarge his territory and build the Sorcerer Empire, a new kingdom.

The killing doesn’t stop here. When Ainz helps the Baharuth Empire in its yearly conflict with the Re-Estize Kingdom, he goes a step further. Nearly 100,000 enemy soldiers are killed when Ainz casts a spell that is more potent than anyone on the battlefield has ever known existed.

From the Dragon Lord to the Sorcerer King

In the fourth season so far, Ainz has maintained a pretty modest profile. In order to demonstrate his strength to possible explorers, he mostly destroyed Jircniv’s meeting with cardinals from the adjacent Slane Theocracy, a nation engaged in sabotage. Additionally, he murdered a few dragons by severing their hearts, although he only spared the majority of them when one of his new allies requested it. He hasn’t quite jumped off the deep end, then. They swore fealty to Ainz after he fully overpowered the dragons with yet another display of his amazing prowess.

Ainz Ooal Gown is currently classified as chaotic neutral under Dungeons & Dragons rules, while some of his more rash actions have him on the verge of lawful evil. Even if he still has the deepest loyalty to the tomb of Nazarick and all of its defenders, he won’t think twice to kill any other animal, whether it be human or not, if it will help him achieve his objectives. Ainz has also developed into a much stronger leader than he was at the start of the Overlord anime series. He commands them with perfect assurance. He wants to strengthen the Sorcerer Kingdom and the Tomb of Nazarick, but as he exerts more influence over the new world, this objective will undoubtedly grow more ambitious.

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