The 14th season of American Ninja Warrior had a winner

The 14th season of American Ninja Warrior had a winner

Nothing compares to the tense anticipation felt while watching the Finals to find out who will win American Ninja Warrior, which is jam-packed with action from start to finish.

It takes a lot of effort to advance to the American Ninja Warrior level, and 69 Ninjas made it to the ANW Finals in Las Vegas after four arduous Semi-final rounds. Season 14 has been full of unexpected turns, from adjustments to the well-loved obstacle courses to brand-new challenges like the stumbling Kaleidoscope challenge that was included in the Semi-Finals. The Finals kicked off on August 15 and the action-packed tournament finale aired on August 29.

Five ninjas competed in the first three stages of the tournament, making it to stage four of the competition—the ascent of the feared Mt. Midoriyama—in an American Ninja Warrior season finale that made history. The final contestants among the finals were Kaden Lebsack, Josh Levin, R.J. Roman, Josiah Pippel, Jay Lewis, and. Ninjas had to ascend Mt. Midoriyama, a 75-foot rope climb, in under 30 seconds to win the $1 million top prize at ANW. Who exactly was the ninja who claimed Season 14’s victory? Roll the drums, please.

Who won the $1 million prize on Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior?
Despite each competitor’s best efforts, none of the ninjas managed to press the buzzer inside the limited 30-second window. Only two ANW competitors have won the title of Champion in 14 seasons, demonstrating the difficulty of Mt. Midoriyama. The ninjas’ final time to complete the course to win the title of Last Ninja Standing was then used to decide the Season 14 winner. And Kaden Lebsack was declared the Season 14 champion with the greatest final time.

Who won Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior?

The Colorado high school student, 16, achieved an astounding ascent in just 36.77 seconds to win the title of Last Ninja Standing for the second consecutive year. Lebsack triumphed over the obstacle and went down in history as the only ninja to successfully climb Mt. Midoriyama twice. Jay Lewis, an 18-year-old ninja, placed second in Season 14 with a time of 37.19. What a close call! Since ANW dropped the competitor age limit in 2021, these ninjas are excellent examples of the exciting new competition that has emerged.

Lebsack now had two wins totaling $100,000, which is something not all 16-year-olds can say! Lebsack undoubtedly learned many new methods after his victory in Season 13 as he blasted through each obstacle course and conquered the 8-story-tall Mt. Midoriyama. Lebsack might not have won the $1 million prize this time, but if he keeps going in the same direction, Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior could see him become the Champion. Congratulations to Kaden while we wait and see what happens!

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