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The Long Call Season 2 Release Date Rumours: Will the ITV Drama Return?

Tonight, the final episode of The Long Call aired. People found out who killed Simon Walden. Adapted from the book by Ann Cleeves, it is about a detective named Matthew Venn. Ben Aldridge plays him in the series. A detective who used to live in this town, but now he is back. He is solving the mystery of a person’s death.

When Pearl Mackie and Juliet Stephenson joined the cast, The Long Call was a popular show. It was filmed in

North Devon, England. Will it be back for another season?

We are still learning about the second season of The Long Call.
**Spoilers ahead for The Long Call season one**

Will The Long Call return for season 2?

ITV has not said if the detective in The Long Call will be on our screens again. – But since the drama is so popular, we are surprised if he doesn’t come back.

A second season of the show would be based on a book with the same title. There is another book in the Matthew Venn series. It might be a good idea for season two. Ann Cleeves wrote a new book this year. It is about Venn. He has to investigate another murder in a rural part of North Devon.

The Long Call Season 2 Release Date Rumours Will the ITV Drama Return (2)

The Long Call could be renewed for a second season if there is more material. ITV should consider this because it has been good so far.

The Long Call season 2 release date

We do not know when the next season of The Long Call will start. But we think it might come back in the future. The show was made in 2020. It started filming in 2021. The whole process took about a year. If the same timeline is followed, The Long Call will return in October 2022.

The Long Call season 2 cast

If The Long Call is renewed for a second season, Ben Aldridge probably will come back to play the detective. In addition to Pearl Mackie as DS Jen Rafferty and Dylan Edwards as DC Rosa Pritchard. It is likely that season two will focus on a new case and new suspects. We won’t know until closer to the time which stars will be joining the cast. It is possible that Juliet Stevenson could return to play Dorothy. She would be the leader of the Barum Brethren after Dennis and Grace were arrested.

The Long Call season 2 plot

In the season one finale, Matthew and his team got to the bottom of Simon Walden‘s death. Grace killed him after being convinced by her husband to do so. Season two is likely to be about the same case as the first season. The second book in the series came out this year.

Matthew is sent to investigate a crime scene in rural Ireland. He investigates the home of some artists and finds Dr. Nigel Yeo there, too. – A close friend of Matthew’s husband, Jonathan, has been stabbed. It says in the book description that Matthew can tell that it was a staged murder and that the weapon was one of Eve’s broken vases.

Two more people were killed in a similar manner. The description for this book says that Matthew finds himself walking through the lies at the heart of his community. This is dangerous because it is close to home.

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