The Rocketeer 2

The Rocketeer 2: All you need to know

Disney is developing a movie that is like The Rocketeer. It will be made by Selma star David Oyelowo.

In 1991, Disney released a film based on a series of books. The movie was called “The Rocketeer.” People said it was good but not as good as they expected. But after time, the movie became popular. The director, Joe Johnston, was able to do another superhero movie called Captain America: The First Avenger 20 years after The Rocketeer came out. Since the movie was well-liked, Disney will make a new Rocketeer. This is the second part of the Rocketeer story. It’s called Rocketeer 2.😯

Disney never completely stopped doing The Rocketeer. Disney Junior did not make an official sequel to the Rocketeer, but they did release a show called The Rocketeer that follows Kit. The series features Billy Campbell, who starred in a film in 1991, as Kit’s father, Dave. He also plays the original Rocketeer, Cliff Secord. The series was captured off the air after one season, but its long-term effect shows that The Rocketeer still has possibilities for Disney.🤨

The Rocketeer 2: Is it Confirmed?

Deadline says that Disney is making a new sequel called The Return of the Rocketeer. It will be on Disney+, and David Oyelowo may star in it. A retired airman who is like the Rocketeer. He can do many things.

This is not the start time Disney has thought about casting a Black person to be in a Rocketeer movie. In 2016, Disney was making a movie about a girl who is African-American, and she finds the original equipment from when they were Rocketeers. Matt Spicer and Max Winkler wrote the script, but it never got past the announcement stage. It may have been changed into this current project.

The Return of the Rocketeer is a remake of the first movie from 1991. It comes five years after it was announced that a new Rocketeers movie would be made with a Black female lead. The director of Cloverfield Lane also offered a Rocketeer reboot to Disney, which would have seen the Nazis invade New York City. But nothing came of it. In recent years, we haven’t been without Rocket material. There is a Disney Junior series that stars Cliff Secord’s granddaughter named Kit Secord, who protects Hughesville.🙄

Remember The Rocketeer?

In the original Rocketeer, Billy Campbell played a pilot. He found a rocket in an airplane. The pilot was on the edge of a mob war and Nazi invasion. Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin, Timothy Dalton, and Terry O’Quinn were in the movie Howard Hughes. Dave Stevens created the Rocketeer in 1982. He is a writer and artist for comics.

Disney bought the Rocketeer IP and planned a movie for Touchstone Pictures. Unfortunately, the picture only made $62 million in its first year of release in 1991. The Rocketeer was nominated for an award. It did not win the award, but it was nominated.

Will there be a release date for the reboot of ‘The Rocketeer’?

The picture has not yet been given a release date. We do not know when the filming will start. But the people are still looking. They will tell us when they find more information.

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