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There’s Someone Inside Your House ,Release date And Many More

Netflix is not afraid of horror for this fall season. Many new films and shows are coming out for Halloween. One horror film that is coming out soon is There’s Someone Inside Your House.

The film is about Stephanie’s novel. It was written by Henry Gayden, who wrote Shazam! The film is made by a man who makes horror movies. He has made 2 before.

Shawn Levy and James Wan are going to make a movie. Wan told Entertainment Weekly that they wanted to make more of an ’80s slasher kind of film.

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Brice accepted to EW that he and Gayden have been working on ideas for a sequel. “…Netflix: We are ready to talk.

There’s Someone Inside Your House release date.

Just in time for Halloween is the Netflix movie There’s Someone Inside Your House. It will be released on October 6th.

There’s Someone Inside Your House cast.

The movie stars 

There’s Someone Inside Your House synopsis

This story is about a high school in Nebraska. A killer is targeting the seniors. Makani (Parks) has moved to Nebraska to finish high school. She knows the secret, but she needs to help her classmates find out who killed them.

Makani Young moved from Hawaii to Nebraska to live with her grandma and finish high school. As the run-up to graduation begins, she and her classmates are stalked by a killer. This killer wants to expose their secrets to the entire town. They are terrorizing victims while wearing a life-like mask of their own faces. Makani and her friends have a mystery to solve. They need to find out who did it and before he hurts them too.

Official Trailer of There’s Someone

With the release date info, we finally have a trailer too. We can see that this film is like a slasher film.

It is great to have so many horror movies on Netflix this Halloween season. Do you need to see a scary movie called There’s Someone Inside Your House on October 6th?

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