When Does Destiny 2 Season 18 Start? Release Date, Leaks, And Most Waited New Crucible Map

When Does Destiny 2 Season 18 Start Release Date, Leaks, And Most Waited New Crucible Map (1)

Given that Season of the Haunted’s storyline has reached a crucial turning point this week, it is appropriate to begin making plans for Destiny 2 Season 18 at this time. In week 7, Calus “joined” The Witness and Eris Morn warned them that it was already too late and that this was “the beginning of the end,” putting an end to the seasonal drama.

What follows in the story, then? Here is all the information we presently have about Season 18 of Destiny 2. In the next weeks, there will certainly be more teases.

When does Season 18 of Destiny 2 begin?

In Destiny 2, a season typically lasts three months. An additional weekly challenge is given to keep participants interested. The game’s fifth year officially began with the release of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, which also signalled the start of Season 16 “Season of the Risen.”

The current season, Season 17, popularly known as “Season of the Haunted,” will finish on August 23, 2022. Season 18 of Destiny 2 will begin at this time if Bungie doesn’t alter the schedule. On the day of release, the game will normally be unavailable for maintenance for a number of hours. Bungie often issued this statement a few days in advance to give players enough time to prepare.

As soon as maintenance is complete, the most recent Destiny 2 patch will be made accessible across all platforms and regions. At this time, players may usually log back into Destiny 2.

18th season story

Although it is unknown, it will definitely continue the events that occurred after Season 17. The Week 7 finale sequence is recapped in the video below.

18 Season Leaks

Original Story – The sole significant leak to date came from @DestinyTwoLeaks on Twitter, thus there isn’t a lot of information accessible.

fresh raid

After the (excellent) but lengthy narrative that came with Season of the Haunted, we have to agree that a season with a pirate theme seems like a lot of fun. Players would certainly crave for something a little more meatier as Year 5 enters its third season. The new Duality dungeon was released in Season 18, which was fantastic. It’s great news that Bungie has confirmed the game will include a new raid.

Although there has been a lot of anticipation that Bungie might incorporate one of the two possible raids from Destiny 1, the company hasn’t yet provided any details about the new raid. Wrath of the Machine and King’s Fall are two popular theories that fans believe will be in the game, with @DestinyTwoLeaks on Twitter suggesting that the former is more likely. Sorry to the SIVA supporters.

The new raid will go online on August 26 at 10 AM Pacific, according to a Bungie TWAB blog post from July. Bungie also included the following warnings:

When the raid starts, Contest Mode will be active for 24 hours.

To be at the cap for all of the encounters, you must have 1560 Power.

The first step to obtaining the new Challenge Mode in the Director and the amazing Triumph for accomplishing all of the challenge Triumphs for each encounter is clearing the raid while Contest Mode is active.

A fireteam will cross the World First finish line and get their award by successfully completing the personal Triumph a handpicked set of obstacles in this recently unlocked Challenge Mode.

If you fail the success criteria during any encounter, the Triumph requirements in Challenge Mode will be enforced, and your team will be eliminated.

On Savathun’s Throne World, a new crucible map called Disjunction from Season of the Haunted by Bungie was played.

However, the only times the map was usable were during Iron Banner: Rift battles. Thankfully, Bungie will add the map to the regular Crucible map pool in Season 18, so you should have a lot more opportunities to play this unsettling new map in the future.

ARC Subclass 3.0

The Bungie team went out to revamp the game’s existing classes when Destiny 2: The Witch Queen was published in order to make them more compatible with stasis. In Season 16, players acquired Void 3.0; in Seasons 17 and 18, Solar 3.0 and Arc 3.0, respectively, were accessible to players.

Sandbox Lead Kevin Yanes conjectured that Arc 3.0 could be inspired by the Synaptic Spear used in Season of the Risen in a now-deleted tweet from earlier this year (S16). Soon, we should learn a little bit more about Arc 3.0’s new components and functionality.

Season 18 Weapons for Destiny 2

Even while Bungie has not confirmed which weapons will be introduced to certain activities in Season 18, we do know which ones will be removed, and they are listed below.

Nightfall – PLUG ONE.1 Fusion Rifle, The Hothead Rocket Launcher, Peacebond Sidearm, Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun, Trials of Osiris – Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle, The Summoner Auto Rifle
Bungie has also disclosed a few issues the team plans to solve in the future (either in a mid-Season patch for Season 18 or Season 19):

lowering the unpredictability of shotgun spreads.
decreasing the efficiency of bow switching.
Increasing the Trace Rifle’s usability.
The full-auto setting is now available.
limiting Snipers’ ability to fire through flinch in PvP.
examining some minor, focused balancing adjustments to certain PvP outliers.
Pulse Rifles that are effective outside of the band.
Easy to use High Impact Scout Rifle.
Usefulness of the Precision Fusion Rifle.
allowing interactions between certain exotic armors that boost melee attacks and glaives.
Glaive hit detection is fixed.
Reworking some upgraded benefits.
including Spec modifications into the fundamental benefits.
Price of Destiny 2 Season 18
While Destiny 2’s Season 18 is not free, it will cost players roughly £10 or $12 to get all of the seasonal features. You may get Destiny 2 Seasons 18 and 19 if you purchase the Destiny 2: Witch Queen Deluxe Edition.

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