Why Stranger Things Season 4’s Haunted House References The Shining

Why Stranger Things Season 4's Haunted House References The Shining

The Stranger Things season 4 trailer references Stephen King’s The Shining. It is a show about the 80s and has lots of nostalgia for it. But it also borrows from Stephen Kings writing and his books.

However, as the story of Stranger Things is about teens, it makes sense that the King works they reference are also about teens. The show has mentioned Christine and Stand By Me and Carrie and It. What is a little different — and more telling — is when Stranger Things includes a nod to King’s adult-oriented stories.🤷‍♂️

Why Stranger Things Season 4's Haunted House References The Shining

The show’s most recent trailer showed what happened in Hawkins in the past. It also mentioned King’s movie “IT.” In the TV show Stranger Things, a family’s life changes for the worse. In one scene, their dad is standing in a doorway with his children lying on the floor beside him. This is just like a moment from a movie called The Shining. It was made by an artist named Stanley Kubrick. There is a different category of this movie, but one has less blood than another version does.

In the show Stranger Things, there are scenes that take place in a town called Creel House. The scenes from Creel House take place in an idealized version of the 1950s. This might be good news for the show because it could mean that viewers might get to see how Upside Down came to exist in Hawkins. The Overlook television series might have illustrated the history of the hotel. Stranger Things season four might also go back in time to show some ancient history.👉

However, I think that it’s too ambitious. So far, 4 teasers for Stranger Things season 4 have been released. Hopper has come back from Siberia, and there will be a haunted house story in Hawkins. There is also a mass breakout from Hawkins lab that Eleven will remember in the past. The Stranger Things season 4 is very big. It has many threads that are not connected yet. The one in Russia and Hawkins, for example. It is good to reference the horror film The Shining in this season, but it can’t be too scary if it has too many threads that don’t connect together.

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