Will Westworld Get a Season 5

Beware of spoilers.

After the end of the world, what happens? What comes next is a chance to restart, if we’re talking about Charlotte Hale’s failed utopia on Westworld.

There is a glimmer of hope that Dolores can create a new society, one that can genuinely lead to freedom. Season 4 ended with the carnage we (especially Bernard) saw coming, with humans and hosts fighting one other in the streets, sinking into madness, and potentially even extinction. We know she’s capable of it, too, since as the season went on, she (as the fictional Christina) started to realise how much she could influence the story and the people around her.

At the conclusion of the fourth season, Charlotte decides to trust Dolores on Bernard’s suggestion. Dolores can then design one last test when she uploads her pearl, or consciousness, into the Sublime. “One more circuit around the corner. Maybe we’ll be able to free ourselves this time,” she says. We can infer that season 5’s main story point will be that one.

What more do we know?

Has Westworld’s fifth season been confirmed?

There hasn’t yet been any official confirmation. However, Ed Harris’ statement in July’s Hollywood Reporter interview that “We have one more season, which will start filming next April and May” is the closest thing we have. Where that will lead, I have no notion. Did he just reveal that season 5 will be the final one of Westworld, even though he had previously teased that filming would start in the spring of 2023?

The series may potentially have up to six seasons, according to earlier reports, but the season 4 finale does seem to be setting for a huge climax. We appear to be nearing the end of the maze as evidenced by Dolores’ plans to construct “one more game” and a “last test,” as well as suggestions that the upcoming season will once again take place in the Westworld park where it all began.

What’s the plot of season 5?

The season 4 finale has given us a lot to think about, but for the time being we’ll have to rely on our own theories. The climactic scenes imply that we’re returning to the Westworld theme park, although it’s not quite the same location as in earlier seasons. This is a recreation of the actual park that Dolores, who is currently in the sublime, created using memories. It’s been set up as a final test, or, as she puts it, “a dangerous game with the highest of stakes: survival or extinction.”

Dolores will probably be conducting this experiment in addition to looking for Teddy—the genuine Teddy in the sublime, not the one she unconsciously imagined being in Charlotte’s world. He tells her to come find him as they tenderly part ways, and we have no doubt that she will follow his instructions. After all, they serve as each other’s pillars. They can’t possibly be apart for very long.

Which actors will be back?

There may be hope to see even the fallen troops back up and running in season 5 given that practically every character is now a host, meaning they may be readily brought back to life if they met their end in season 4. We are anticipating the comebacks of Luke Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, and Evan Rachel Wood. Additionally, Angela Sarafyan, Zahn McClarnon, and James Marsden, who had a triumphant comeback this season, could make an appearance.

As it’s unclear how William may reincarnate after Charlotte kills him and destroys his pearl in the season 4 finale, it’s uncertain if Ed Harris will appear in future episodes. Tessa Thompson should also be considered since Charlotte ruined her own pearl at the conclusion of the episode. However, this is Westworld, so who knows. Everything is conceivable.

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