Casa Bonita Announces Reopening Date After Long Closure (1)

Casa Bonita Announces Reopening Date After Long Closure

As a holiday surprise for Coloradans, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and chef Dana “Loco” Rodriguez posted on Facebook to reveal the long-awaited Casa Bonita reopening date.

Casa Bonita will return in May 2023 without further ado! Although a precise date was not given, South Park fans will undoubtedly be content to accept a reopening month in this situation.

After appearing in a South Park episode in 2003 that showcased the cliff divers, live music, and other attractions, Casa Bonita became well-known.

The restaurant abruptly shuttered around the time of the epidemic, setting off a series of events that resulted in the South Park producers buying the property.

Reopening news comes after a protracted period of renovation and maintenance.

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