‘Elite’ Season 6: Netflix Release Date, Cast & Plot Details—What We Know so Far

'Elite' Season 6 Netflix Release Date, Cast & Plot Details—What We Know so Far (1)

Netflix has officially renewed the TV show Elite for a sixth season. People were worried that the show might be cut. They also thought that it would not come back to TV.

Elite is about privileged high schoolers in Madrid. Drug abuse, scandal, and class divides are all themes of the book. The series has been so popular since it was released in 2018. It has a huge fan base all over the world.

On Thursday, October 28, the President took to Twitter. The streamer said, “Big news! Elite has been renewed for Season 6!” When will it be released? It’s not leaving to be released until a while. What can they expect from the new episodes?

Netflix has announced that “Elite” will come back for Season 6.

When is the 6 season of Elite coming to Netflix?

Netflix hasn’t said when Season 6 will come out yet.

Netflix says it will release three Short Stories. They will be available to stream as follows:

  • Phillipe, Caye, & Felipe” will play on Wednesday, December 15.
  • “Samuel & Omar” — will play on Monday, December 20
  • “Patrick” — will play on Thursday, December 23

Fans are waiting for the next season of the show to come on the streamer. Season 4 is airing now. However, the production of Season 5 is going well. That means it will likely be available in 2022.

Who’s in the cast?

In February, it was revealed that Valentina Zenere would be playing Sofía, and André Lamoglia will be playing Gonzalo in Season 5.

Returning cast members are:

  • Itzan Escamilla is the actor who played Samuel in this movie.
  • Omar Ayuso is the actor who plays Omar.
  • Claudia Salas is playing the part of Rebe.
  • Carla Díaz played Ari.
  • Manu Rios is Patrick in a movie.
  • Martina Cariddi is Mencía.
  • Diego Martin is Benjamín.

What will happen in Elite Season 5?

In Season 4, Armando’s lifeless body was hidden at the bottom of the lake after Guzmán killed him. So it is possible that Season 5 will follow this. The police might question the teenagers if they find a dead body.

'Elite' Season 6 Netflix Release Date, Cast & Plot Details—What We Know so Far (2) (1)

While we don’t know much about the new characters, we can expect some drama. This is usually the case in Elite. Elsewhere, it looks like Ari and Samuel will finally get a chance to have a relationship., Now Guzmán is not here to stop them.

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