Highschool of the Dead Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Highschool of the Dead Season 2 Everything We Know So Far (1)

This is a Japanese horror anime. It is about high school students who are alive but also zombies. The book is made by Daisuke Sato, and Shoji Sato does the drawings. The anime was published in the Monthly Dragon Age, but Daisuke Sato, the illustrator of the work, died in 2017. Seven books were made. They were made by Fuji Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten for Japan. Yen Press publishes the anime series.

This manga was first made into an anime in 2011. People liked it a lot. A series that was so popular is still popular today. But sadly, just like much other brilliant anime series, ‘High School of the Dead’ did not get renewed for a second season.

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The first season of this show aired in July 2010. The last episode aired in September. In the same year, a creative video animation special episode for ‘High School of the Dead’ was released. It was for fans of the show. But there have not been any new creations for a long time. Fans have been waiting for years to know anything about the second season. We know some things.

‘Highschool Of The Dead’ Season 2 Release Date

We all want the show to come back and be on TV again. When the show 1st aired, it became very popular. It is liked by manga and anime fans alike. Sadly, the show’ High School of the Dead’ is facing a lot of problems. The series was not so easy to compare to the other ones. When it first came out, everyone loved it and thought it was an instant hit. People love the anime series. They want to know when it will be out. It seems like the show will not be on for a second season. The manga creator died in 2017, and we do not know if they finished it. But it is not too late. There may still be a new writer. Even though it is an unlikely thing, if a new writer is appointed, the second season of the anime will be released at the end of 2020 or early 2021.


Are There Any Chances Of Season 2 Releasing Anytime Soon?

Here’s one more thing we mentioned in the article. The second season of the anime was made by a US-based network because the creators of the original series didn’t want to make it anymore. Manga series, which inspired the anime, has not been finished since the author died in 2017. But some people are still hoping for a second season. They think that it will air soon.

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What are some updates on the second season of ‘High School Of The Dead’?

In the second season of ‘High School of the Dead,’ the original creators do not want to continue with it. It is presumed that a US-based Anime Network will air it because they didn’t want to keep making this show. It has been mused that the decision came after a tsunami and earthquake. Therefore, there was not enough time or resources to do what the writer wanted. There are lots of networks in other countries that own the rights to the first season of this series, and many people like it. Some of the networks own rights to shows. These are VOD, Sentai Filmworks, Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace, and Madman Entertainment in Australia.

Is there an English dubbing of High School of the Dead?

If you want to watch anime in English, or if you just want the show with subtitles in English, you can find all of your preferred links on Anime-Planet.

What is the main story in the anime?

This Japanese anime is about a catastrophe. The dead are raised, and everyone is scared. There’s this disease that started in Japan. It got around the whole world, and people died. They also turned into zombies. Many humans are dying from a disease that is spreading quickly. This is happening very fast. The show focus on a group of children who try to protect each other and survive the apocalypse.

Are There Any Rumors Around The Second Season Of’ High School Of The Dead?

There has been a lot of gossip about the series. One rumor is that a US-based anime network will make the second season. But the Japanese authorities are not sure about it. They want to think more before they do something. The second season of this show will come out soon. It will be on TV by the end of 2020. But that did not happen. We are in 2021 now. Some earlier reports said that the anime had already been in production for a while. But there was no official news or announcements about this case. Some people are very excited about the second season of this show. They think it will be on television soon. They say there is a trailer for it that will be on TV very soon.

Main Characters Of ‘High School Of The Dead’

We will talk about the important characters in this popular anime and what they did in the 1st season. Below, we have provided a short description of each main character.

The protagonist of the series is Takashi Komuro, and he goes to Fujimi High School. Takashi and Rei have been friends since childhood. They made a guarantee to get married when they grow up. But later, they broke that promise because Rei started dating Hisashi. At the beginning of the series, he sees that zombies are attacking teachers. He rushes to help Rei, who was helping the teachers. Unfortunately, Hisashi turns into a zombie during the fight. And Takashi kills him. This makes Rei trust that Takashi killed him out of jealousy. Takashi leaves after the incident, and Rei stops him. They hug each other and apologize.

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Rei is a girl who has orange and reddish-colored hair and eyes. She is Takashi’s classmate. Before the series Will started, she promised Takashi to marry him. But later, she starts to date Hisashi. Takashi has just killed Hishahi because he turned into a zombie. Takashi was sad, and Hishahi said that it was all his fault. Rei stops Takashi from leaving, and they reconcile. In the 12 chapters, Rei tells Takashi that girls like it when guys are kind. Rei does not want Takashi to be anyone other than who he is. She tells him this, and he responds by telling her that he is not either of those people. She also hates Mr. Shido since he made her wait a whole year at school and caused problems between her and her father.

Highschool of the Dead Season 2 Everything We Know So Far (1)

Saeko- She is a third-year student with dark violet hair and bright blue eyes. She is the head of the Kendo club and always carries her wooden sword. Saeko is proud of her skills in being able to kill an infected person. Later in the series, it is revealed that Saeko confides in Takashi that she was once almost sexually assaulted; the woman had a wooden sword and was able to fight back before the police came. She has a hard time with the violent side of her character. She doesn’t want to give up and be killed by zombies. But Takashi helps her get more confident, and she can do it.

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Saya Takagi is a second-year student in the same high school. She is the daughter of a powerful ally of right-wingers. She is a person who says she is smart and helps people to get away from harm. Despite the fact that she comes from an affluent family, she often gets angry with them. But later on, the make up and help her during their family estate raid.

Kohta Hirano is a 16-year-old student. He seems to be just an overweight guy with glasses, but he is actually a gun enthusiast. Later in the series, he falls in love with Asami because she helps him when someone is angry. But, their friendship is short-lived because Asami becomes a zombie, and Kohta has to kill her.

Shizuka Marikawa- Shizuka is a high school nurse, but she almost dies when a zombie attacks. Saeko saves her. She has a funny personality. Her large bust size is funny in the series.

Alice Maresato- Alice is a Seven-year-old girl who was saved by Takashi when her father died. Her father was killed, and she couldn’t go to the shelter. Takashi rescued her. 

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