Ink Master Season 14: Update On Release Date & What we know so far

Ink Master Season 14 Update On Release Date & What we know so far

For Season 14 of Ink Master, an update Good day, men! There is good news for you all; very soon, you will be able to watch the most anticipated, cherished, and well-liked series on television. Trust your ears; you have heard it right!

Guys, after waiting for official confirmation that Season 14 of Ink Master is on the way, it will finally happen.

You can gauge the popularity and calibre of the reality program’s content by considering that it has been on television for 13 seasons and focuses primarily on tattoo design.

The audience has successfully imprinted their affection for the show, and as a result, they are looking forward to its arrival on their screens. The sudden outbreak of Covid 19 and the departure of a few well-known contestants caused the Season 13 finale episode, as we have all seen, to end very abruptly. Along with that, less money than expected was given to the top three competitors.

Given the problems the series was having, viewers had expected Paramount Plus to officially revoke the renewal of the programme. But if you’re keeping track, Season 14 will arrive soon.

the jury for Ink Master’s 14th season:

I suppose August is lucky for Ink Master fans because on August 5, 2022, Paramount Plus officially renewed the series and made the news public.

There is confirmation of the judges who will participate in the eagerly anticipated show’s 14th season, and they are:

Lead singer for the band Good Charlotte, she is also an entrepreneur and a fan of culture.

• Ryan Ashley, the show’s Season 8 champion.

• Nikko Hurtado, a well-known tattoo artist

Ami James has practical knowledge in the area.

As mentioned above, the judges’ panel and celebrity contestants vying for the title of “Ink Master” and $250,000 in prize money are what we can anticipate seeing in Season 14 of the show.

The 14th season of Ink Master will have a host.

Your favourite host, who also hosted Season 13 of the show, will host the season, which is more good news for all of the fans out there. What should the name be? You’re all probably very familiar with him!

Naturally, he is Dave Navarro.

In contrast to this season, none of the previous ones featured as many twists and turns.

When will the fourteenth season of Ink Master be broadcast?

On September 7th, 2022, Ink Master’s Season 14 will begin streaming. On Paramount Plus, you can watch it online.

The programme has undergone two additional iterations:

Ink Master: Redemption’s first chapter

2. The Ink Master, Angels

What criteria will the judges use to judge the competitors?

A total of 20 contestants will compete for the title of Ink Master. Ten episodes make up the season.

The contestant will be assessed using the following criteria:

• The layout and content of tattoos

• Colors used in the tattoo

• Exactness

• Agility

• Constancy

• Willpower

Keep the anticipation high until the show’s debut, viewers!

I’m grateful that you read.

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