Virgin River Season 5 Major Character Exit, Click to know

Virgin River Season 5 Major Character Exit, Click to know

The fifth season of the well-liked Netflix series Virgin River won’t feature Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey’s character Ricky.

Ricky bid his friend and boss Jack, played by Martin Henderson, a tearful farewell at the conclusion of season 4 after making the decision to leave the small California town and enlist in the Army.

When asked about the character’s future in the television series, the 21-year-old actor responded, “I won’t be back for season five, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never be back, in my opinion.

Due to Ricky’s small but important role in the novels, I believe these things will occur, depending on how they turn out.

In an interview, he said, “It might actually vary,” but he also said, “He needs to get out of the way so other characters can grow.

Grayson has said that Ricky should return later in the season, so there is no cause for alarm. He won’t be seen in season 5, but he could in 6 or 7. Coming back is always fun, “he stated.

“I adore these people, and I enjoy the programme.”

What is Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey’s opinion on leaving Virgin River after Season 5?

For those who were not aware prior to the actor’s announcement, there have been rumours that the show will lose a resident when it returns for its fifth season next year.

A significant character would permanently leave the show in the upcoming episodes, according to Martin Henderson’s prediction. In a Glamour interview, the actor who plays the show’s alluring marine-turned-bartender Jack Sheridan revealed this crucial spoiler regarding the show’s future.

As a result of Ricky’s departure, the show’s viewers were devastated and worried about his upcoming appearances. Many more individuals flocked to Twitter to express their grief. In response, someone wrote: “Awwwww I want Ricky to come back,” and “I’m weeping because Jack is sending Ricky away.” It’s unfortunate because it was clear he didn’t want to leave his loved ones and his house.

PREDICTION: Ricky is going to return from fundamentals a super ripped marine and Lizzie is going to be all over it! was how one fan described Ricky’s return on Twitter. Regarding Ricky’s return home, the public quickly made assumptions.

One person commented on worries for his safety while he was away, “Swear to God, if anything happens to Ricky on #VirginRiver, I am coming for those writers.”

In a recent interview, Martin also made a suggestion regarding the season’s plot. When asked about season five, he confirmed that Mel’s pregnancy will remain a central aspect of the show, adding, “The baby stuff becomes extremely intriguing.”

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