Kate Hudson Says She Sees Nepotism in Other Industries “Way More Than I See It in Hollywood”

Kate Hudson Says She Sees Nepotism in Other Industries “Way More Than I See It in Hollywood”

Although Kate Hudson acknowledges that nepotism exists, she believes that if you put in the effort, it “doesn’t matter” and occurs “far more” in fields other than Hollywood.

The Glass Onion actor, who is now promoting the sequel to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, entered the ongoing discussion over nepotism in Hollywood in an interview with The Independent that was published on Saturday. When it comes to the “nepotism problem… I don’t really care,” said Hudson, who was one of the artists included in a chart for New York Magazine’s recent Year of the Nepo-Baby article.

We’re a storytelling family, I see when I look at my kids,” she said. We are genetically predisposed to it. Whatever name is given to it won’t make a difference in the end.

Hudson, who was one of the celebrities featured in New York Magazine’s recent nepo babies article, is the daughter of actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (who are also from performing parents); she has several siblings who are also actors, including Wyatt Russell and Oliver Hudson; she is engaged to director Danny Fujikawa; and she has openly supported her oldest child Ryder (from her marriage to The Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson) in his pursuit of a career in music.

The actor from The Glass Onion continued by pointing out that nepotism is a problem outside of Hollywood and citing examples from other fields where she has seen it in practise. This is what the magazine piece, which explores nepotism’s prevalence in every industry from the publishing and art sectors to sports and fashion, depicts.

In fact, I believe it is more prevalent in other sectors. She said, “Perhaps modelling. Compared to Hollywood, I see it in business far more often. In business meetings, I’ve sometimes found myself asking, “Wait, whose kid is this?” Just look just how ignorant this dude is!

In the end, Hudson claims that she is less concerned with a person’s past involvement in the entertainment industry and is more concerned with their ability to put in a lot of effort and produce. She said, “I don’t give a damn about where you’re from or how close you are to the industry. It is irrelevant whether you put forth the effort and succeed.

Hudson is the most recent representative of the entertainment business to comment on the resurgent discussion around the part that nepotism may have had in the careers of some of Hollywood’s more prominent — and even less well-known — personalities. Others include O’Shea Jackson and Lily Allen, who echoed Hudson’s viewpoint but did it in a sharper, more focused manner.

The actors Keith Allen and Alison Owen’s kid, the singer, tweeted that people should be concerned about the nepo infants who work for law companies, banks, and political organisations. If opportunity is being taken away from individuals and real-world repercussions are being discussed. I have no interest in it, however.

Jamie Lee Curtis commented as well, admitting that nepotism can exist but said that “the current discourse around nepo kids is really geared to attempt to degrade and demean and harm.”

In case anybody was wondering, she went on to say, “For the record, I have navigated 44 years with the benefits my affiliated and reflected celebrity afforded me. I don’t pretend there aren’t any, that attempt to persuade me that I have no worth on my own. “It’s interesting how we automatically assume and sneer that someone linked to someone else who is recognised in their profession for their art, would somehow have no skill at all,” said one person.

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