Netflix Cancels Two Movies That Already Completed Production

Netflix Cancels Two Movies That Already Completed Production

When Nielsen released the list of the most-watched series of 2022 a few days ago, it further solidified Netflix’s position as the top streaming service. However, because the majority of streaming platforms are starting to take drastic steps, the corporation is still in a dilemma.

The corporation now has two new CEOs after the resignation of Reed Hastings, its former CEO. The future of Netflix will be overseen by Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos, who will also carry on the significant changes that have been made in recent months, such as making it impossible to share passwords in order to gain more individual subscribers following a significant loss due to the entry of new streamers like Disney and HBO Max.

However, it is not all. As Warner Discovery did with Batgirl, Netflix is doubling down on cancelling not one but two fully completed films after getting heavy criticism over the cancellation of popular programmes. The Inheritance and House/Wife are the titles that will be sold by their studios for distribution on other platforms (via THR).

Netflix asserts that no popular show has ever been cancelled.

Ted Sarandos made a poor first impression on the Netflix public a few days ago when he said that the streaming service has never cancelled a genuinely successful series:

Many of these programmes had good intentions, but they spoke to a relatively limited audience while spending a lot of money. You must be able to speak to a small audience on a little budget and a large audience on a huge budget in order to be successful. You can continue doing it forever if you do it correctly.

Fans of series like Warrior Nun and 1899 from the makers of Dark thought that the recent cancellations of those shows were included on Sarandos’ list even though he did not identify which projects he was referring to.

Despite dominating the viewing charts in many nations and receiving excellent reviews, at least in the case of Warrior Nun, which elevated it above many other service productions, its popularity remained stagnant because it did not amass massive audiences like Wednesday, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, or the already established Stranger Things, which topped the list of the most watched programmes across all platforms.

Netflix will now prioritise low-budget endeavours or films that, despite their high cost, manage to surpass expectations, like Squid Game did at the time, in order to avoid this problem.

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